Thursday, March 15, 2007

It is magical to skip class... especially today!

Breakfast in the Bon.
Naps in the sunshine that's coming through our window.
Working out.
Reading secrets.
Writing papers on Russia.
Studying for tests.
Staying in pajamas.
Listening to music.
Cuddling on the couch.
Standing in front of the heater.

Remembering- that even though it's all going by so fast- at least it is still a day. And even if things don't get done when we want them done, doesn't mean they won't get done at all.

Maybe I'll try to stop being so sad about how little time is left- and just enjoy what God allows to take place in each day.

And I'll just hold tighter to the image of you washing dishes in my kitchen, sleeping on my floor, sitting on that chair wiping away tears, coloring with crayons, and rolling the big ball back and forth.

And I'll just listen harder to the laughter that fills this room, the pain in your voice, the tiredness in your smile, the music that voices what our hearts can't say, and even the silence.

And I'm gonna hold your hand- even when I'm weak, and tired, and unable to take another step as well... because then we'll at least be holding hands- and I think that will give us the spark we need.

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