Thursday, July 26, 2007

my arms are still tingling a little . . . but it was well worth the nice ride on the motorcycle today - perfect weather I might add, and good company too!

the last couple days have been so incredibly relaxing!
the sun finally came out so the time outside increased, and the borrowing of clothing did too - it's so "normal" to be back!

took the traditional one-on-ones to a new level; happy hour. beautiful.
visited with martha, ate with kevin, drank with stacey, coffee with heidi, watched many episodes of Christy, baked more cookies, got hugs from win, hellos to so many friends on the streets of Newberg.

today Lucas and I hit the road on his motorcycle. we then hit two baskets of golf balls at the driving range. let's just say - I've got a lot to learn . . . we laughed a whole lot . . . freckled lemonade and french fries at Red Robin. tour of new house in King City. beerfest; we're the best at awkward movies. chuck and larry - like I said, awkward movies. great night though.

it's going to be hard to go home. but at least this time I won't be going at it alone. I 'know' that all I need is God - but there is a reason He created us to live in Community. I do enjoy having a room to myself - but not as much as I enjoy living with friends. it's been wonderful to be this close to people - to hang out, laugh, catch up, be a little carefree. it's good for the soul. I can't wait to hit the road with bethany - as excited as I am for the adventure of alaska, it would be awesome if we were road-tripping here to stay for good, maybe one day.


ryanmortinson said...

motorcycle... sigh. alaska road trip...sigh. patience ryan.

Anna said...

Haha. You wild girl! A motorcycle! You are much braver than me. : ) I'm glad you've been having a good time in Oregon. Its fun reading your updates! Take care, girl. Mwah.