Thursday, December 08, 2011

Almost to week 34

Someone pinch me please - how is Zoee Jean almost 8 months old already?!
I love my little bug - she is absolutely amazing.
She's been napping for 2.5 hours and I'm not sure what else to do with myself right now =) okay, I'm actually enjoying some quiet reading time on the couch =)

We have been so very blessed with such a wonderful baby, I'm certain we have no idea how good we have it =) She is curious about everything. Tastes everything. Enjoys everything. She never gets fussy (unless we keep her up too late partying - ha). She has the best smile in the world and the more adorable chubby cheeks ever. She is solid and strong and very ticklish. She's a thumb-sucker and a blankie lover and the best little growler I know.
Ryan and I are doing well. I had no idea that being new parents would make being newly weds hard too. I have a hard time giving Ryan the attention he needs and deserves. It's so easy with Zoee - I can't just pick Ryan up and give him kisses =) I guess we'll see exactly what we're made of when we pick up and move to Oklahoma in May! He's a good Daddy - I love how excited Zoee-girl gets when he comes home from work, biggest smiles ever, like whole-body-excited-smiles. She's wrapped around his finger, hopefully he is wrapped around hers.

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