Saturday, March 28, 2009

I keep forgetting to breathe. 

Yesterday I announced a very big decision I made. A life altering one. 

June 1st I hit the road again. Back to Alaska. 
I'm giddy. 
And don't worry, I've ran all the pros and cons through my head, more than multiple times. And now that the decision is made, it feels so right. 

I've done a lot of thinking. 
I've done a lot of praying.
I've done a lot of conversing. 
I love teaching. I will make it work where ever I am. But there is more to me than just teaching. And out of the multitude of things I have learned over this last year, one is that I have to take care of me before I can take care of those around me. I realize that this can sound incredibly selfish, but let's face it, I can't be a good friend, a good mentor, a good companion, a good coworker, if I'm cranky =). And as the latest episode of Grey's Anatomy put it so well, I need my people
Don't get me wrong though, I have some really amazing people in Oregon who have changed my life, and I know I will miss you like I've left a piece of my heart behind. But I'm not done with Alaska yet. (And this just gives us all more opportunities to travel- me to see you, and you to see me!) Alicia made a good point by asking me if a good job in Oregon was worth it if I was always wishing I was in Anchorage. So it's back here I come. The plan is to teach at the high school I graduated from. I'm not sure if I'll be teaching Math or Language Arts or History but I also will get to start up a basic Family and Consumer Science program. I definitely have my work cut out for me, but I suppose I have always enjoyed a challenge. So now instead of applying for jobs and going to interviews I'll be scouring for grants in order to get funding for my new program. I'm very excited. 

6 weeks until Graduation
3 weeks in Ecuador
1 long drive on Hwy 1

But, first things first, get back to Oregon in the midst of Mt. Redoubt spewing its ash. Pack, then hurry up and wait =).


Whitney said...
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Whitney said...

I would be lying if I didn't say that I'm a tiny bit brokenhearted. I'd also be lying is I said I'm surprised you decided to go home. I think I knew it all along... *sigh*

I'm glad you've finally reached some peace on this. I know you've been struggling with it and it honestly does sound like you've made the best decision. People are better than no people. So true.

That means that there are only a few short week of Amanda hang-out time left and that is uber sad to me. :(

As we've been saying for months though, it's just the beginning of another adventure.

Maybe Alaska is in my future too? ;)

dani-yelli. said...

i will miss your heart, and your hugs, and your smile, and your laughter dearly. come visit us. :)