Wednesday, April 25, 2007


This is my prayer for you- my roommates, my friends, my staffies- those I have come to call my family.

I pray that you find rest- a moment to relax upon His chest.
I pray that you feel peace- a calm amidst the trials that never seem to cease.
I pray that your heart might be touched with a little joy.

I do not ask for the easy way out- for it is through the trials that we are refined.
I do not ask that you make it in one piece- with these is developed the stained glass.
I do not ask for clarity- instead that you learn how to trust.

And give them the strength to make it through each day.
Give them the endurance to take another step-
And when they no longer have the energy to run, allow us to walk the path together.

May you find truth.
May you allow the tears to come.
May you experience the goodness and faithfulness of the Father.
May you think before you speak.
May you learn to put others first.
May you be surrounded by a protective hedge of angels.
May you be encouraged.

Lord, please be our portion. Be our guide. Be our source.
Teach us, that we may have something to offer others.
And please Lord, be near.


ryanmortinson said...

amen, and thank you.

alicat said...

thanks for this prayer. i know that many of these things are already being answered...including the tears coming. i love you.