Monday, September 26, 2011

Full Time

Week 23

I just spent a month being a full time "employee" mother and wife. Let's not ever do that again.

It started out doing a favor for a teacher-friend who had a death in the family... Then there was jury duty... and somehow an entire month went by in the blink of an eye! Thankfully there were a couple sporadic Fridays where I didn't have to report anywhere - otherwise I think the laundry would still be overflowing from our 3 laundry baskets and I would have resorted to the paper plates that are stacked somewhere in the garage along with takeout =) Unfortunately everything us has still be left untouched - part of me would want to be mortified if you saw the state of my bathrooms - but in honesty I'd probably just tell you to clean it yourself if you actually had the courage to make a comment about them =)
Zoee loved Grandma and Grandpa time, Ryan stepped up to help out even with his crazy work and class schedule, and we finally have a brilliant bed time routine. Plus the paychecks will be nice - and I have to admit that even though I did a lot of complaining, I really did enjoy jury duty. I feel very blessed to have been part of that whole process and experience and wouldn't mind doing it again. The judge, clerk, attorneys, bailiff, and jury members were superb.

As we enter this 5th month of parenthood I am still amazed at how wonderful everything is. Little miss adorable still sleeps through the night. She is still wearing 3 month clothing. She loves to gab and laugh and eat. We've started her on some "solids" like oatmeal and a couple veggies here and there. I'm so very thankful she is far from being picky about what she eats. She reaches for everything she thinks she can get her hands on, and if it's possible, promptly puts it in her mouth. She answers to both "Zoee" and "Fuss-Fuss" (Ryan's little pet name). She pretty much sits up on her own and would rather be in that position than laying down. She hasn't been too interested in rolling yet, which is actually a blessing, but the more curious she is about the items around her the more she twists and turns and reaches for them. And I know it's just a matter of time before I have to baby-proof and devise ways of "enclosing" her =)

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