Monday, July 23, 2007

cuddle-bug Cherie
slept the night with me.

talented Whitney
makes me giggle with glee.

broken-fingered Kevin
is the best "puke-bowl" under Heaven.

beautiful Terese
shared stories and coffee and peace.

lovers Amy and Mark
ran and squealed across the park.

mr. robby
chatted while it was still sunny.

adorable miss Twyman
shall meet me after I've ran.

sleepy Rebecca-girl
how I miss her smile and red-curl.

even if I spent years pouring over dictionaries and thesauruses and beautiful poetry - there would not be enough time nor enough words to express how much these people mean to me. I know there isn't near enough time to see everyone while I'm here, but like I mentioned to Meaghan, I'm thankful for even the smallest moment. each moment and memory, whether good or bad, sweet or bitter, create a beautiful mosaic. if it were possible I would hang it on my walls for all to see, but instead I will tuck it away in my heart and try my hardest to let you know how much I care and how thankful I am to count you as part of my story.

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Father Dane said...

So COOL right now!