Monday, July 23, 2007

The windows were rolled down and the country music was on and I-5 was slowly being passed by. I turned and looked at Becca with tears in my eyes and a smile on my face.
"It's so good to be back."
"I totally know what you mean."
"I didn't realize I missed them so much."
"You see why I try to come every weekend."

I'm back. And my heart is overflowing.

Shopping and hiking and eating and sleeping and driving.
There were scrapbooks over salad and breadsticks.
A surprised face and no time for hugs as I rushed to the bathroom - then laughter at the table.
Banter across a hotel desk.
Engagement stories and those darn-dimming lights at dinner.
Screams and knock-over-hugs on the lawn and more screams.
Squeezes from little Sweeds and a pillow fight with the Tillikum crew.
Laughter and memories in the living room - way past floor hours - some things never change.
Random phone calls.

My heart is about to explode.
I learned how to get through trials with these people by my side.
I learned to say goodbye and face things on my own.
And now I'm back; I didn't realize until today how desperately I have missed these people.

Maybe I am just really tired and worn out from the real world. But I really think my heart has been aching for these people that I care so much about. There's a reason God designed us for intimacy and community and friendship - and life just isn't quite right without them. It feels so good. So right. Maybe things don't work out the way I hope they will - but at least we have this moment together. I cherish them ever so closely.

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