Wednesday, May 14, 2008

There’ll be nothin’ left.

Deep, thoughtful joy wells up in my heart. Joy that brings along peace that makes no sense in the transition and turmoil of my soul. I had to quickly wipe away a tear when you wrapped your arms around my leg. My throat caught my heart when you grabbed my hand and kissed it with your sweet lips. And my breath was lost when you announced that “Miss Tompkins is what smells so good!” Your beautiful imagination refreshed my tired mind. Your playful spirit gave me hope. Maybe these last two days with kindergarten and preschool were a tiny glimpse of what love was behind Jesus’ words of “Let the little children come to me.” Their simplicity is profound. They may not be wise in understanding, but they love without boundary, they share without expectation, they laugh without hindrance, and I, I have no strength to hold back the tears anymore.

Oh Abba. What are you doing to my heart?
And Joshua Radin, why do you write these things?

I'm talking to you
But you're not listening
I don't know what to do
My heart is blistering
Writing this song
Tell me I'm not wrong
I close up my mouth
When you're around now
Suffocating in doubt
I can't make a sound
In your sundrenched world
I always wanted to be
The one you looked to
For the answers in me
I'm the one who took you
To your sundrenched world

And we watch and wait
And do nothing but sigh
And hope everything
Is gonna turn alright
But I don't know
If it'll be alright
But I look at you, warm in your dream
While your mobile dances above
And I think to myself
It's a beautiful night
And I know everything
Is gonna be alright

So, we're alone again
i wish it were over
we seem to never end
only get closer
to the point where i can take no more
the clouds in your eyes
down your face they pour
won't you be the new one burn to shine
i take the blue ones every time
walk me down your broken line
all you have to do is cry

My hands shake
My knees quake
It's every day
The same way.
Cause then came you.
Then there's you.
I keep your picture
In my worn through shoes.
Then there's you.
Then came you.
When I'm lost,
I look at my picture of you.
And somehow
I'll make tonight our own
I'll show you every way I've grown
Since I met you

What if you
Could wish me away
What if you
Spoke those words today
I wonder if you'd miss me
When I'm gone
It's come to this, release me
I'll leave before the dawn
But for tonight
I'll stay here with you
Yes, for tonight
I'll lay here with you

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