Monday, March 19, 2007

all day long I was on the verge of tears.

Senior Salute and Staff Retreat...
two things that reminded me how close the end is.

I told Alison on our walk to the parking lot that I was scared- maybe not in those exact words...
Then my mom called and I had to walk away as I chocked back tears... the chocking led to more tears and the flood gates finally spilled open. "It'll be ok Manda" "no mom, it won't..." "you never leave people behind Manda" "but I can't just walk across the street and see them!" "it's part of growing up I guess." "I don't want to grow up mommy."

Then we hit the road. And I begged them to let me listen to some country- so we put in Alison Krauss- and I turned my head and let the tears keep coming as the scenery passed us by. And then we listened to Wicked and I couldn't help but smile as Kevin commentaried and him and Alison sang along.

The weekend turned out well.
Maybe not the way I'd envisioned, but it was good.
And I'm glad to be home.
And I'm glad for the sun.
And maybe- maybe I'm even glad it's Monday...
And maybe- maybe I'm glad my heart is breaking...
it feels good to know I'm alive.

we're ready to get on the road!

chill time in the cabin!

bring it on Snow Bunny... tube time!

hey! we're not ready Scott! ("you'll thank me later")

so amazing... so painful... ("...see")

lunch time!

and Harada went flying...

I think we've had enough sun for the day...


alicat said...

last night, i laid in bed and tried hard to be happy for all the wonderful moments of the weekend. but, somehow all that could come out was a little tear. i thought i felt more ready for the end to come, but i'm not at all.

i know that loving you is worth this pain of the end, but it still hurts.

sorry that this is so sentimental and sappy. =)

the retreat really was wonderful! today i was able to be happy about it and love all the amazing pictures. i love you lots.

ryanmortinson said...

why is everyone in short sleeve shirts? you guys are crazy... crazy awesome!!!

PS... there is a time for everything...