Wednesday, August 13, 2008

who needs an electric drill when you have muscles?
and who thought it was a good idea to send shelving home with no directions? Good thing I have a brain!

I was feeling pretty good 'bout myself, I've been a handy-woman as of late, guess it comes with living in a house where you have no dad or maintenance crew =) . . . got the shelving put together, set up a new fan, put up a new towel rack (since the other was, um, used as a hand rail *wink*), and some new accessories in the bathroom. And then I went to get some cash for Sushi with Whitney tonight.

But. It's. Not. There.
It. Was. On. Monday.
What. The. Crap.

All my babysitting money, for little outings, is gone. So not cool people. So not cool. And now I'm upset because not only is it hot outside and uncomfortable, but I'm pissed too, and the two don't mix. *grits teeth* I hope you needed that money more than I did, like I needed that damn speeding ticket when I NEVER SPEED! whatever.

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