Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I’m almost afraid to imagine that things may be falling into place. I think maybe I am so used to waiting for the next thing to go wrong =/ that I don’t believe things could go right =). Or maybe I have just been reading too many novels as of late that I can’t help but hope it is finally my time. I’m patiently waiting, but every day it gets a little harder! =)

I’m at the coast – just outside Tillamook, not quite to Oceanside. Two full weeks with my mom. But the house we’re staying in, oh my word. All I keep thinking about is that I can’t wait to bring friends here! It’s a magical place for people, it’s so relaxing! There are three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a very nice kitchen, large living room and this fantastic deck that overlooks the ocean. Bar-b-ques! Curling up on the chairs on the deck! Laughter, smores, bonfires, crabbing, bike rides, beach! Oh gosh, and squeaky cheese! =)


ryanmortinson said...

hey friend! can i go to the beach house too? i miss s'mores. they don't have the right marshmallows here.

p.s. and from out of the blue... a message from ryan about love.

if he's the right one and he really likes you, nothing will get in his way. if he doesn't make a move, if he gives mixed signals, if he doesn't call you for two weeks, then he's not really that interested in you. you're a lovely person and deserve someone who finds you irresistible.

if a guy really likes a girl, he will always want to be with her, call her, and talk with her constantly. and even if he's a crazy nervous wreck, he will find a way to ask her out.

thus concludes our emergency announcement. :)
be careful.

Whitney said...

yes, PLEASE! I am in desperate need of some beach time. Some rejuvenation. Mmmhm.

You've waited very patiently and I'm glad to see things 'falling into place'. You deserve the bizarre yet comforting simplicity of it. You remember to breath. ;)

( But if you don't I DO own you a trip to the ER. ;) )

Love you, tootz!