Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Ecuador is composed on new sites and sounds, smells and tastes, and many new experiences.

My Ecuador is a small round table with 3 people gathered for lunch. Margoth spends the morning cooking and serves hot locro with a slice of avacado. Manuel asks me how much rice I would like with my fish and hot sauce and he washes the dishes when we are done. Margoth sits with me and we talk until it is time to go to class.

My Ecuador is bus rides to Tomas Moro and walks to ACLAS with Gustavo. It is hugs and kisses on the cheek. It is being aware of my personal bubble and recognizing that I am okay with others being in it. It is riding the Ecovia and smiling at the children on the street. It is taking in all the beautiful architecure and landscaping. It is trying new foods and 2 x 1 drink specials.

My Ecuador is frantic drivers, honking taxis, brilliantly colored flowers, patchwork hills, racing clouds, intense sunshine and mountain tops that overlook the surrounding towns. It is breathtaking waterfalls and beautiful Indiginous people. It is new friends, thousands of pictures, and never ending community. It is a foreign language that I am slowing learning and that I play over and over in my head as I fall asleep.

My Ecuador. A home away from home. A new adventure.

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Whitney said...

I like your Ecuador. Bring some home with you, k?