Saturday, June 13, 2009

Another wonderful day at the Golf Course!

We had a double shot gun tournament today (a shot gun originally was fired to announce start of game. those participating in the tournament begin play at the same time, just at different holes. busy for the course, pretty uneventful in the golf shop). A gentleman needed a golf car out on hole 10 of the Creek Course, so Kaliegh and I hopped in 2 and headed on over there. Bad day to forget my camera... you should have seen me driving that poor car =/ I'm gonna need a little more practice on that one! But, in addition to that entertainment, one of the black bear cubs was out playing! He's a year old and quite adorable - that I wish I could have captured on film because he was literally 8 feet away. 

In other news, I helped Grandpa figure out how to take pictures and send them in text messages today! Jill also got a new computer, with a web cam - bring on the technology savy Grandparents! Although technology has its frustrating points, I love the way it helps us stay connected!

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