Friday, January 18, 2013

Take Charge During Cold and Flu Season Part 3

Why use one at a time if you can mix and get better results?! =) Or, a better way to say that... why juggle 3 or 4 bottles and their lids when we can simply use a blend. If you haven't guessed already, today's video is about doTERRA CPTG Essential Oil Blends.

Breathe (respiratory support) - have been using this on baby-girl's chest to break up congestion. I mix a drop with fractionated coconut oil (regular works fine too!) and rub on her chest and back. I love the smell of this one, it's similar to Deep Blue, and they both remind me of Icy Hot. Another way to use this oil is to put a drop in your hands, rub them together, cup them around your nose and breath in. It helps to clear the respiratory system, and in the case of my baby-girl she turns into a little nose faucet a few minutes after we apply (her nose is sore from that - but there are oils I use for that! - but she can breathe and her chest isn't so tight!). I've heard a testimonial of a man who used Breathe on a regular basis and eventually replaced his inhaler! Very awesome!
Digestzen (digestive support) - thankfully we have not needed to use this blend yet! But I have heard from multiple people that relief came almost instantaneously after application. I've heard a few stories about people accidentally eating items with gluten or other substances they shouldn't have, feeling the awful symptoms coming on, applying a drop of Digestzen to their belly button area, and problem solved! I have also heard of a person (and not like, aunt sue's twice removed nephew's boss's friends... no, like a friend told me they used this and this was the result) who started feeling tummy flu-like symptoms coming on and they disappeared after Digestzen application. This is a great oil to have on hand for IBS, diarrhea, and constipation too.
On Guard (natural defense) - most studied oil;, SWINE flu, MRSA. I think I'm addicted to this oil. We use it multiple times a day. I apply it topically, I add it to my water, I take it in a capsule and I open the bottle while I'm in the shower (because I have not invested in a proper diffuser yet). Sometimes the fragrances of the oils are a little strong and "offensive" in the beginning but then you grow to enjoy them. I find On Guard to still be too strong for me to take by dropping on or under my tongue but I love the flavor in water and toothpaste.
Deep Blue (muscle and joint support) - I have firsthand experience with this oil. To make a long story short, after a really hard workout, and to appease my husband, I rubbed down one side of my body with Deep Blue and had great relief and full motion etc. of muscles and limbs while the other side was stiff and sore for days. I did have to apply oil about every hour the first day, but let me tell you, the next day that side was fine and I still couldn't hardly move the other side. I've heard of people using this oil on joints that are going through a degenerative process and finding great relief. I might need to send my bottle with my hubby when he goes to his parents' this weekend - my father-in-law has been having some knee problems.

Alright, sorry for talking so long =) Here is the video link - enjoy!!

NOT meant to take the place of a drug or medicine - it's a super plant liquid that your body can utilize to help it do what it does best. After habitual use of these oils some people claim they are able to reduce or stop using their OTC medications. 

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