Wednesday, March 07, 2007


One of my RA's always asks what my happy thought of the day is. Today- it was "today."

Well, I guess it could be the whole week in general though...

The sun has been out since Sunday.
-and it's put me in a happy mood.
-people are playing on the quad.
-flip flops, skirts, shorts galore.
-at sandwich express with exciting people.
-in the bon with funny and sad stories.
-in the lab with lots of laughter tonight.
I finished a project that was due a week ago (well, almost, I have one last thing left on it).
-and i realized that things'll get done when they get done, stressing won't fix it.
-yesterday with B, today with Me.
Ice cream, cake, and coloring.
-eleven people came to visit our little apartment today. we ate, laughed, colored, drank coffee after 9 pm, did some
homework, and had good conversation. i hate floor hours mostly.
-here are the lyrics from a song by Brandon Heath.

Does it ever catch your eye- Beauty Divine?
In an old mans tears, a little girls’ smile...
It feels like a song, one that belongs to you.
Stop making sense- your weakest defense.
Just quiet your mind, let the world unwind.
See, we’re not alone,
He makes Himself known, in time, His own time.

So breathe, life will surprise you.
Just be, it’s what the world denies you.
You see- that truth is all around you.


ryanmortinson said...

happy thought... what a great idea. i may just try and and twist that and use it somehow in an interview.

grace and peace, sister.

Father Dane said...

I am caught somewhere in the middle. Half of me is living life to the fullest, and the other half is not believing. Its a strange place to be.
Miss you. Keep writing.

Father Dane said...

I forgot...that picture of (us) scares me...mostly because of me. What the heck am I doing?
No more needs to be said. If it wasnt for the other beautiful women in the picture I would say...daleeted!

alicat said...

yay for happy thoughts! i love you and that happy thoughter ra. =) i didn't realize you had left staff meeting tonight and missed giving you a hug good-bye. lovies!!!

Anonymous said...

Floor hours are definitely hate-able...but necessary I guess. =)