Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lovely Day.

Whitney Dawn, thanks for being born, and for living, and loving, and laughing. Happy Birthday, and thanks for our day in Seattle roommate.

We spent the day in Seattle. It rained a little, but the sun tried to come out for a bit too. It was strange, my heart was all mushy from this long-drama-filled week and hours of Joshua Radin and Brandi Carslile. Whitney napped, Konrad talked on the phone and I thought about how I was sad to be in Seattle, sad about the way things turned out after two years, sad that I don't know how to say that I am sorry, or why I've decided to say goodbye. But the best part during my thinking was when I realized that today I wasn't mad- not mad at myself for making this so dramatic or you for not getting it.
We all had our bouts of crankiness today - patched quickly by food and coffee and an amazing conversation that started in Seattle and ended in Portland. Overall I was happy today, deep down happy. Konrad was so excited about the Original Starbucks and Whitney's eyes got all sparkly at the Space Needle . . . two little kids in a candy store =). And I let my heart feel again, the whole spectrum, I didn't block thoughts I just let them flow. It wasn't as scary as I thought =)

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