Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Handover the chocolate and [no one gets hurt] casualties will be minor.

I apologize for the ensuing rant.

I try to pick my battles wisely. Somethings are just not worth a fight, or a confrontation.
Thus sometimes people think that I let others walk all over me. Maybe true to some extent, but I'm getting better at knowing where to draw the line and when to speak up. But sometimes the comment is only heard through the screen of my blog. Again... I'm choosing my battle. Besides, tomorrow I probably won't be so heated and I don't want to waste my words.

So, you would think, that if you lived somewhere for an extended period of time, you would purchase a vacuum. Do you know that I know someone who has lived in their apartment for a year and half and never vacuumed, simply because they choose not to buy a vacuum.. Disgusting doesn't even come close to describing it. Said person has also never cleaned out the refrigerator -correction - they threw out the items that were molding - clarification - they didn't actually take care of the mold growing in the refrigerator from spilled items. Said person habitually leaves lights on in the house even though they are no longer in the room. Said person also spends all their time watching tv online, sleeping through their alarm (which makes their roommate late to work), and doing homework during class time when they are supposed to be teaching. Said person also has no working closet doors in the apartment, so if anyone wants to get to clothing they have to climb though the opening where the doors are jammed. This person also said that rent would be $260 but since there is still an open bedroom rent casually moved up to $400 (hey idea... quit buying fast food, give up tv online, get a part time job, and spend your money wisely... not so hard... and then no one else has to pick up your slack). Also, this person has so much stuff that it won't all fit into their room - so it takes up 1/3 of the space in the renter's room - who is being charged extra for doing a favor for them anyway.

SO now that I've vented. I'm going back to my awesome printer that jams every other page, so I can be ready to teach again tomorrow. And I'm going to remember that I only have one more month. Until graduation. Until Ecuador. Until freedom.


ryan said...

wow. sounds like you need a roommate contract. :) i'll have an RA meeting with you and your housemate tomorrow for some problem solving.. ?

but seriously... that sucks. i had a bad housemate while i was here in korea. the guy would come back to the apartment drunk and then try to make himself noodles... he'd start the water boiling on the gas stove and then he'd pass out on his bed... in the morning I would find the pot cherry red and the burner still going. he also never took his trash out so his doorway started to overflow with trash... mostly fast food garbage and half full beer bottles. yuck. all this to say... i feel ya on this and just take it day by day and the month will be gone in no time.

am i going to see you at fox for graduation?
peace out, sister.

Whitney said...

I'll come clean the fridge for you, babe. I will. Just say when, Babe.

And if you ever need an escape, I'm like .67 miles away. I've got a whole kitchen table you can stretch out on.

I love you and I'm sorry you're stuck in (another) sucky living situation. Please, please, pleaaase let me know if I can do anything for you.

<3 & XO