Monday, March 23, 2009

Whiskers, my kitty, is curled up and asleep on my lap.
My rear-end is numb from sitting for two hours reading.
There is snow on the Pine tree outside the window.
The sun is shining through and warming my toes.
My parents are on their wait to Florida for a cruise.
The younger bro is at school.
I'm soaking up the alone-quiet-lazy time.

It's so hard to be part of two lives.
A life in Alaska and a life in Oregon.
There is so much beauty in both places and my heart breaks every time I say goodbye, no matter how long or short the time may be. The decision for what is next is not necessarily a "hard" one to make - I've resolved to leave that in God's hands - but rather that it will require me to say "goodbye" in a more, um, finalized way. I try not to think about it, but in reality it is such a big part of what is next that I cannot escape it.

I wish people understood how hard this is. It's so easy to say "stay here" but it isn't quite that simple. I guess I'm just thankful that God is the one in charge, and that He will be enough for whatever choice takes place. I wonder why, in the midst of the peace that comes in knowing this is in God's hands, it's so heavily on my mind.

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