Saturday, March 14, 2009

Joshua Radin.

Good morning Saturday.
Papers are spread all over my "desk" (aka my bed).
I have a 6 page Road Map about my Research to write (after 2 hours - 2 pages are done...)
I have a work sample to write (the last one was 115 pages long).

The rain is willing me to be a busy little bee.
The coffee is jump-starting the dedication.
The cheese and crackers are helping the creative juices flow.
Josh... well, he's touching my melancholy soul.

I feel unsettled. When I feel unsettled I question everything. But that's ok because questions lead to new discovery.

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Whitney said...

Shut up. J.Rad. Just came on at work and I feel the same.exact.way. Except - the cheese, cracker and work sample + a bottle of windex, roll of paper towels and a dusty gallery. ;)

Melancholy is such a perfect discriptor for this moment. So let's work through it together (apart) with J.Rad. At our sides-- prefection.

Miss you, xo.