Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Electron Rap

Hey baby girl let me sit at your table
I'm just an electron and you know that I'm able.

I'm feeling odd, and I want to get even
You and me add up and that's something I believe in.

I'll get your address and drive in like Sonic
If things go right tonight then maybe we could get ionic?

Don't matter if you're tall, short, brunette or blond
Might as well call me James, 'cause all I do is Bond.

Um, so MAT is pretty ridiculous. We have been doing mini lessons in our content area, the above rap by Brady Strutz and company was from our chemistry section. Then today we walked around in the sunshine dialoguing about architecture and then we played games in the grass at Lewis Apartments. It was all based on interactive learning and engaging different learning styles in the classroom. Pretty sweet. Our Literature Circle also spent our hour together at Le Shana reading in the sun - pretty much the best day of the week so far. A group of us ran and lifted weights after classes too - our goal is every day, it's a great stress reliever and brain break. The sun is still out and it's still so warm so I'm going to do my reading outside. I'm really tired. But I haven't felt alive in this capacity in a long time.

Patience is fundamental to our learning. Courage is fundamental to our learning. Just keep reading, reflecting, talking, and writing; soon you will come to understand its meaning on the basis of your experience. -Joan Wink


alicat said...

i'm glad its not all work and no play. =) love you much!

lovelyfaith said...

amanda!! you're in the MAT program? I didn't know! how exciting! and ed. classes can be pretty fun!!! :)

Jamie said...

Awesome rap lyrics! :) So fun! I hope we can hang out sometime soon...