Friday, August 29, 2008


We're sitting in another meeting this week during inservice (btw, inservice was fantastic! I'm so excited for my students to arrive on Tuesday! Our classroom is all set up and I am officially Ms. Tompkins!), slightly pointless for me because I don't get paid or get benefits as a student teacher, but the experience was nice just the same. This guy gets up, I wasn't paying attention to his title (I was wondering if the spray paint in the room was going to give me a headache and whether or not my stomach would start to growl soon), and starts going off on how much progress they've made and how we have to get the right President in office or they're going to have to start back at square one. 

*brace yourself* 
OBAMA they chant.
*Great* I think. 

It's strange to be in a liberal state again during election season. I'm unsure where to go on this election. I find myself wondering if I need to look at the big picture or focus on snapshots, and if snapshots, which ones? Do I enter this election as a future teacher? Or as a Christian? Or as a US citizen? We've had lots of conversations about this election, and I feel like I'm fairly informed but still uncertain on which candidate to vote for. Sanctity of life? Education? War in Iraq? Terrorism? Illegal immigration? But really, as if I need more things on my plate on which to ponder. I realize that whichever candidate gets elected, our nation will be influenced (duh), and that is an important factor. A friend said today, 'Well maybe I just won't vote, since I don't know who to vote for." And then we laughed because we knew that wouldn't help anything. So, do I vote for my declared party? Something new? Education? Life? Change? Safety? 

Uh, such is life, many options, one decision to make. 

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