Friday, June 05, 2009

I feel silly and selfish when I want things, when I already have so much...

I have salvation.
I have an amazing family.
I have wonderful friends.
I have a fun summer job with friends.
I have a place to live and house-sitting gigs lined up.
I have a teaching job in the fall.
I have a car that is paid for.
I have traveled to a few places.
I have loved.
I have lost.
I have the ability to read, write and understand.
I have hot water.
I have a sense of safety and stability.
I have the ability to see and hear.
I have a great education.
I have a computer with Internet access.
I have ownership of more than enough household items and clothing.

I have a lot. And I am very thankful. So again, I feel so silly, so selfish that I could want more. Not things, not stuff, necessarily...
I want a husband.
I want babies.
I want to own a house.
I want to be in a position where I can help meet others' needs.
I want to travel more so that I understand deeper and think less of myself and more of others.
How can I want more when I already have so much?

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