Thursday, September 27, 2012

Super Mercado

In July a friend of mine introduced me to Buy For Less' Spanish Supermarket. Awesome. She also took me to a little shop that makes fresh tortillas and salsa that could possibly be to die for. There is nothing quite like the flavor of fresh.

It's safe to say that we've been eating fajitas with fresh tortillas and salsa monthly since then. My guess is that the seasonings the super market uses to marinate their meats has some sort of addictive agents =)

I have found avocados at the Super Mercado for $.69 and I had 3 or 4 on hand the other day that needed to be used asap. I also had a lot of salsa that was made of jalapenos and green tomatoes - perfect for guacamole! Cutie-pie was even a fan of this goodness, she was hardly phased by the spice.

I also found 2 lbs of dreamy strawberries for 3 bucks. We don't have a problem eating them all, but depending on which supermarket we buy them from we may only have 2 days before they start to turn. And I may have bought 2 packages at once so I decided to make some popsicles to mimic the amazing ones we buy at the Super Mercado (I'm not a Spanish buff and the popsicle label is all is Spanish, so it's my best guess that the last one we bought was strawberry. And it was delicious).

My Magic Bullet behaved very well and in about 2 minutes I had all the strawberries pureed. 

It took a lot of self control not to just drink this...

My mom bought me a Zoku popsicle maker for my birthday. I love it - but I haven't been very adventurous with it yet... I used a gift card to buy all the add ons from the company - like the mini cookie cutters you use on fruit to make faces and shapes for the popsicles and the chocolate station... it's pretty cool. 

Within just a few minutes the strawberry puree is frozen! One of my favorite features is the syringe that you can use to suck out the center of the popsicle (if you look closely you'll see that the outer edge is lighter pink and frozen, the middle is darker and not quite set) - then pour in another flavor! SO MUCH FUN (after the 4th of July I pureed watermelon - I added chocolate chips to the outer edge and mint to the middle, those were pretty spectacular!)

Viola! No sugar added! Just pure fresh strawberry delish. 

Baby approved! Next time we make fajitas I'll make sure to take pictures and share - AND if you're nice enough to come visit, I promise we'll make them for at least one meal... maybe even two =)

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