Sunday, September 16, 2012


... Moose's Tooth... tonight's dinner has potential to knock your socks off!

not a pretty picture... but it was sure yummy!

Cutie-pie slept in this morning so we didn't go to church, we let her rest because she's sick, and then we went grocery shopping. I ran across this recipe and decided it looked fun for a Sunday indulgence. It was pretty easy to make, but more time consuming than I thought (I started dinner at 6 and we didn't eat until 7:15 - way too late for us). But, cutie-pie ate her slice (about half of one of ours) and keeps asking for more, and hubby said it was really good (and his praise for pizza is few and far between.)

yummy pizza!

I played with the recipe a little... 
-I marinated 2 chicken breasts in pesto and olive oil then grilled them on the bbq (about 6 minutes each side)  

-I forgot to buy heavy cream so I used some alfredo sauce that I had on hand, about 1/2 cup, and I mixed in about a tsp of pesto

-Didn't feel like making pizza crust, so we went with Pillsbury - to. die. for. yum. 

-Used some mixed greens, diced red bell peppers, mushrooms, shredded mozzarella cheese and a sprinkling of parmesan 

I put the veggies on the crust, then the alfredo, (next time I'd do alfredo first) sliced chicken, shredded cheese. Watch out for the cooked greens - they retain their heat extremely well and cause everything on top of them to slide with amazing speed. 

Did I mention cutie-pie finished her slice, we cleaned her up and she got down from the table, and now she keeps running to the stove and asks for more - I clearly think she liked dinner!

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