Thursday, September 13, 2012

Distraction Tubes

My cousin was here for a couple days and we decided to run into Hancock Fabrics yesterday. On the way there cutie-pie decided that she was really tired and tried to throw a fit... Cousin to the rescue - bubbles!
My cousin had a small container of bubbles (the size you'd get for weddings) in her purse and was able to distract cutie-pie until we got to our destination. I'd never thought of that! Of course I can't exactly blow bubbles to the back seat while I'm driving - but still - awesome idea - and I have to say, I think she's totally ready to be a mommy =)

Well, bubble solution was running low, but there was a Dollar Tree next door so we ran in there after we got our sewing supplies. We got some bubbles and a couple other things to make a small treat for cutie-pie.

So we only bought the glitter and clear containers, the other goods I had on hand.
I've seen some "time-out" calming bottles on Pinterest that look entertaining but you can't exactly take a large water bottle filled with water (even if the lid is glued on) on an airplane... And I've been thinking of little "trinkets" to keep cutie-pie busy with when we go to Anchorage in October. So I thought that the little travel size bottles might do the trick.
Now, I just made my recipes up... I didn't follow any instructions from online so I don't think my final projects were as cool as the ones that I'd seen, but I think they will serve their purpose well and maybe in the future I'll make the full size versions and follow some directions =)

For the first bottle I put some food coloring in water and filled the container about half way, then I added olive oil (because we don't have any other oil - except baby oil - doh! I think clear baby oil would have looked better... it's hard to see the differences between the oily bubbles and the water). 

The second bottle is water and pink glitter. I tried pouring some super glue in the lids to secure them (that made a disastrous mess)... I then found some "super duper" adhesive and poured that into the lids and let it sit a little. It's consistency wasn't as runny as the super glue, but it still didn't stay in the lid once I screwed it on. This created a glob of glue-glitter in the top. I dug that out because it was ugly =) and I'm going to try hot glue next. 

I really just want those lids to stay on so that cutie-pie doesn't end up eating food-colored water, olive oil or glitter! And it would be nice not to have any explosions due to changing pressure on an airplane or some freak-squeeze in a diaper bag. 

But it was a fun little project to do yesterday during nap time. And cutie-pie has been carrying them around the house with her, so I think they will serve their purpose well, even if I'm not fully satisfied with them yet =)

Anybody have some other suggestions on what I might try? 

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