Thursday, February 22, 2007

sure to make you smile

So, I'm on duty this week, which means I carry around the Res. Life cell phone incase of emergency.

At 9:02pm the phone rings- I sighed as my heart skipped a beat.

"hi, is this the Res. life cell phone?"
"are you an AAC?"
"someone passed out."
"someone passed out, she's naked, and the whole staff is at a meeting."
"what? Ok, where are you?"
"Hob 2."
"Ok, I'm on my way over- Hob 2 right?"
"No, Hob 3."
"OK, I'm on my way!"

I call Tami and Kendra and Martha; no answer.
I call Cara, she's home alone with the kids but Jonathan is on his way over and she'll meet me there. If the girl is still passed out I'm told to call 911.
My heart is racing- dear God, please help!

I dash up to the 3rd floor, I'm out of breath from talking on the walk, hiking the canyon and running up 3 flights of stairs. There is no one passed out on the floor, but there is a girl standing in a towel. Someone comes out of a bed room...

"do you have the key?"
"huh? what key?"
"she's locked out."
"did you just call the Res. Life phone?"
"oh dear- I thought you said she 'passed' out not that she was 'locked' out! I don't have a key, but hold on."

I call Cara and explain, then I run down to Tami's apartment and get the key and it's all taken care of.
Oh the joys of cell phones.

Lesson learned- always ask lots of questions.

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Kendra said...

:D I saw that you'd called my cell phone but I thought it was about skipping the AAC meeting. That's funny because last night at the meeting Adam was saying that he'd gotten called like 10 times when he had the AC Cell Phone but every time it was the wrong number. "Oh the joys" indeed. :)
Love ya Manda!