Thursday, February 22, 2007

There are times in my life when I really wish I was artistically talented.

I long to sit down at a piano or with a guitar and compose a piece of music that expresses how I feel.
I long to sculpt or paint or piece together a work of art that describes visually what is going on inside.
I do not doubt that I am artistic in my own way- but I don't design clothing or carve cakes, and being able to arrange a template of pictures on a scrap book page just doesn't cut it :)

Today I was inspired by art.
-a 6 foot tall bird's nest made out of artificial human bones. It may sound odd but the artist's interpretation made so much sense. For a moment I wished I could explain my thought processes visually.
-a family portrait made out of glass sculptures of varying colors and sizes and designs.
-a collage of bowls that represented Breast Cancer ... only after the firing of the glass did some of the imperfections appear... I thought of the women in my family- those who have overcome and those who have lost that battle...

What is it that makes me, me? Makes me inspiring, talented?
-My written words?
-My silence?
-My smile?
-My laugh?

kierst says yes... and we both smile... sometimes you don't need words... sometimes you don't want words... sometimes you don't even need an answer, you just want to share...