Monday, April 16, 2007

there are 13 days left until graduation.
there are 17 days left until I fly home.

I wish there were a way to share these last moments with you.
Instead we'll face deadlines.
We'll do assignments.
We'll drink lots of coffee.
We'll cry a few tears.
Lose a little sleep.
Say goodbye.
Walk away.
Lose a little of what makes us who we are.

people keep trying to tell me how great life is after college.
I don't doubt you- and honestly I'm looking forward to it.
But I'm not sure how to live without this community.
Sure I could relearn life- but I'm not sure I want to.


alicat said...

is that all thats left? that makes me so sad! =( i love you SO much amanda!!! xoxoxo

ryanmortinson said...

you won't lose you... you have gained. you will keep a piece of these people... they have changed you... how you think, who you are, how you love...

life after college is great... AND very difficult. you must... and i repeat... you must make it a priority to find a new community. if you do not, you will spiral into despair. life is about families and about growing. and its very essence is temporary. focus on the things that are eternal.

goodbyes are sad AND there is joy and excitement ahead. new people. new stories. new friendships. new family.

love you lady. sorry this was so preachy. and i don't feel i was able to express myself adequately, but i tried. grace and peace.

kitten said...

i have nothing to say because i couldn't have said it better... thanks for sharing your thoughts, love you sweet friend!

me said...

i think i'm losing a lot of who i am.
and from may to august feels like 20 years right now.