Sunday, February 04, 2007

I crawled onto the couch last night- half on half off, with Bethany and Dane. I caught snippets of their conversation as I sunk in and out of consciousness... when Bethany woke me up she said I'd been smiling and asked if I'd been having a good dream- didn't remember anything except a long red carpet, tears, and cameras going off. Talk about weird.

For six hours we laughed, and ate pizza, laughed, ate brownies, laughed, and drank punch. The girls kicked the boys pants in TWO rounds of Scene It, we laughed a whole lot more, played two rounds of pictionary-telephone, and another loud game introduced by Rach, and of course, gave the 2 minute-life-over-the-last-year-update...
And every time there were foot steps outside we would pause- because deep in our hearts we KNEW that Ryan had flown to Cali and picked up Nic and then together they had nabbed Kendra from her staff retreat, and were about to burst through the front door... but every time we hollered a huge jolly "come in" we were greeted with uncertain and quite scared faces. boo
I fell asleep to the chanting voices in my head; "Fong! Fong! Fong!" and "Rach! Rach! Rach!" and "Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!" and "Six! Six! Six!" and it was magical! and there are pictures to come! oy- and we tried to call you Ryan! but the only number we have is for school- and it was 2pm on Sunday afternoon! But everyone says hi- even Nic and Kendra (who also say hi to each other!) and we have pictures of you guys on our cell phones... you know, like the summer when Dane and I couldn't be around...

My throat still hurts from all our joyous hollering and laughter.

Predictions for today; church and lunch with dane and bethany. headache from lack of sleep. naps with bethany on jon and rachel's couch between superbowl commercials. lots of food and football. attempts at homework- but really being unsuccessful. more food and laughter. maybe some grey's.
Life is busy. It is confusing. And sometimes it just plain hurts. But it is in these little moments- that make it fully worth living.

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ryanmortinson said...

i did stop by, but all the crazy yelling scared me away.

save me some brownies please... just freeze them or bury them somewhere... the dragon's cave would be a good place. love you, lady. if you ever need me, i am only a couple thousand miles away. but i have email and instant messenger too.