Wednesday, October 10, 2007

eating my words

I laughed yesterday when I told Steph that it was in the 40's in Anchorage - little did I know that there was already snow on the ground - not just on the mountains. And yes - it's below freezing . . . which, well, I'll be a little late for work today because I forgot that I have to defrost my car in order to go anywhere! It's a frozen ford - and mom just laughed at me and gave me a hug. It might be a long winter - one of the many small things I love about this state.

Lifehouse is ruining my life . . . you should maybe listen to WHO WE ARE.

Oy - I should probably find my scarf and gloves!
Yay for cold noses.

Come soon - so we can take walks in the winter wonder land. Cuddle on the couch and drink hot chocolate. We can watch the snow fall in the star-lit sky. It may be cold, but goodness it is magical. Be near.

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Father Dane said...

Cool- I am about to experience the same- except that I do not have to drive to work!

Miss you,