Sunday, October 07, 2007


It pretty much has been an amazing week. More than I could have imagined. Monday and Tuesday I got to do some Substitute work at my high school. It was a little weird to be back in those walls with all the grown up faces grinning back at me. Maybe it sounds funny, but something came alive in me again. I think I know what my "Rachel" is - more clearly anyway.
Then I got to spend a couple days in Colorado Springs with Jeremy and Brittany and Jessica and Paul. The sun was out the whole time but the wind kept it bearable temperature wise. We ate, we laughed, we shopped, we slept, we cruised - it brought me a little extra life.
And now I'm back on campus. I don't know if I can really tell you about it. I miss life with these people. Like really miss it - there's a part of my deepest being that isn't at home unless I'm with them.
You know the saying "home is where the heart is" ? How does one survive when their heart is really in two different places? I love Anchorage - I know the streets, the mountains, the buildings - it's home. I love the people here - we've seen each other at the best and worst of times. We've seen the make-up and masks, and the bare, real, skin. And the mess of life, it's beautiful when we get to share it. But it's hard to share the mess when we're worlds apart. That makes my heart hurt.

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