Sunday, December 30, 2007

New beginnings.
My year of new beginnings.

I'll say goodbye.
I'll start a new job.
I'll move away.
I'll remember that my mistakes have made me who I am.
I'll remember that one day I'll find a man who sees me as enough.
He'll love my brokenness and beauty,
my stubbornness and rare humility.
I'll try to stick to my budget.
I'll go back to school.
I'll remember that God is patient.
I'll listen to wonderful music.
I'll watch your back.
I'll drink in moderation.
I'll smile more.
I'll worry less.
I'll keep exercising because it makes me feel good.
I'll read more books.
I'll give more hugs.

I won't be afraid to be me.

1 comment:

Whitney said...

This sounds divine! I'm sooooo excited for you to move back!

I talk to Joc and she said she would talk us up and give us the hook up for take over her house at the end of the year... but it's 6 people. Cherie, me, you... who else?

Ok love you, Darling!