Friday, December 14, 2007

So unusual.

The last four years this holiday season was filled with anticipation of a plane ride home, no homework for thee weeks, saying hi to long lost friends at the athletic club, sleeping in, baking cookies with my mom, reconnecting with people from youth group, frozen noses, and being done with the oh-so-stressful finals.
But this year, I'm tired of the dark, I'm sad that there is no snow, I'm freezing, I feel so far away from those who really know my heart, know my weaknesses, know my dreams, share in my frustrations and heartaches. Instead of relaxing I'm surrounded by dumb drivers, pay checks that don't stretch very far, a busy family, and people who keep telling me what THEY think I should do ... keep this job, take this job, stay here, skip grad school, take over youth group, throw this party, work these hours, pay this bill.

I'm tired of all the noise.
I'm tired of feeling alone in the place that I call home.

I love this time of year though, and what it is supposed to represent. I just wish, that all the people I love could be a little closer.

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