Monday, June 04, 2007

Tired but determined faces smiled back as I said "Good morning!" at the club today. Some spoke of the beginning of another Monday morning while others shared that it had been a long night of work. Debra was a little surprised when I wished her a happy birthday. Sam and Mike chatted and groaned as they lifted weights in the back. They said that they'd see me tomorrow - I smiled and said "Just as long as the both of you keep coming together, we all know I won't be saving you if you can't get that bench press back up on the last rep!" And Jan - well she hates Mondays, especially Monday mornings - but whatever channel she was watching on the treadmill had her laughing out loud.

There is something inspiring about working at an athletic facility. Different shapes and sizes, ages and abilities, and stories - all with the same goal; better health.

Yesterday at church the Lord made me aware that I was more excited and focused on the money I could make here - than on the relationships I can build with the staff and members at the club.

There is a fine line between being in the world but not of it. I can sell this club and its benefits and make money. But more importantly I can share Jesus. As important as working out and taking care of our bodies is - a relationship with the Savior is more life changing.

I am thankful that something I've been doing these last five years has allowed me to find favor with my managers. I am thankful for the opportunity to manage this club - even if it's on the "wrong" side of town with the "wrong" set of hours. God hasn't been "wrong" yet - just my interpretation of His timing.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for that. I needed to hear it.