Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I'm dog-sitting for three weeks and today was our first official 4 miles.
We always get the two mile loop done in the morning, but tonight was the first time I did it again. I'm usually just too tired to do it again and we usually jog down to the mailbox and back.

This morning we did the loop on the icy sidewalks and listened to Jewel. She put me in a bad mood - but it turned out to be productive because I cleaned. I did the dishes, cleaned the sink and counters and I attacked the refrigerator! I cleaned the bathroom too and even did some laundry.
It was then time to go to 2nd Thanksgiving - or Jesse Brady day. Jesse is in my brother's class - and the other day he was mentioning how he wanted Thanksgiving to come again so we could have a feast. Mom conveniently had a turkey in the freezer so all of the boys, and Jamie and Betty, came over after Track practice and we had ourselves 2nd Thanksgiving. We then watched August Rush, which is freaking amazing, and I finished taxes and the FAFSA! Instead of taking the nap that I felt like, I packed two boxes for Oregon; movies, games, books, and scrapbook stuff, then organized all my Partylite products.
I let Kody drive us home and then it was time for walk number two. Go figure, it had started snowing again. The Killers started pumping through our veins and we decided a run was a must - so we took off on the snow covered sidewalks. It's hard to run in rainboots - but we managed.
Nelly's shadow was larger than life - but you won't find me telling her that; she already growls, barks and runs toward whatever is bigger and louder than her. She thinks she can intimidate dogs 4x's her size and I think she thinks the buses and graters that go by want to fight - she takes off after them and you quickly find yourself on your rump if you're not prepared.
My shadow was tall and skinny and perfect curls peaked out from my hood. The snowflakes tickled my lips and pretty soon my hair and eyelashes were full. We attempted a bath when we got home - we're both still pretty wet from that try and unfortunately Nelly still smells like a wet dog. She's sitting in her chair moaning at the falling snow.
Today was pretty good in the scheme of Spring Break. Hopefully tomorrow will be the same!

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