Monday, October 27, 2008

The road seems to stretch on for endless miles. The darkness is hugging me from all sides. The stars are sparkling in the crisp dark skies. I can feel the emotion ripple in my stomach. Damien Rice is filling the fall air, taking over, and spreading through my veins, reverberating on my heart. I am slipping into the darkness of the memories. I lose the desire to crawl out of the sinking depths; I could stay here forever, in the pain, in the intensity, in the passion.
But a smile spreads across my face. Regina asks if I remember that time? The Killers remind me that I want to let go, but I hang on instead…Help me out, you gotta help me out, don’t you put me on the backburner…There’s always room for one more song.

I love road trips. laughing until my stomach hurts. lots of photos. my cousin. my roommates and pseudo-roommates. I love having a bed-buddy. old school playlists. text-messaging. weekends off. fall colors. scarves. chocolate. low gas prices. no alarm clocks. getting lost.

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Whitney said...

This :) makes :) me :) smile. :) A :) lot. :)