Monday, December 29, 2008

I'm Home?

My last night at home was magical. Actually, my whole-short-break was magical. I wish I could have had it for a few moments longer. But I'm trying not to wish too much, instead to just enjoy what I have and had.

Lots of lost sleep, really cold temperatures, and maybe some bad pizza has put my stomach in knots. Uhm, maybe add some worry to that list too - I can't help it - I think too much and worry the same.

The thing I miss the most about Anchorage is the people. Holiday times are wonderful because we all find our way back to our roots and for a moment, we get to share and catch up. Maybe the brevity of those moments make them so precious to me. Those moments, were we lose track of time, seem to suck the coldness and darkness out of the long Alaskan winter and I fall in love with the people and the place all over again.

I love many things about Oregon. I enjoy being on my own and making my own decisions. I like this cute little house that for a few more months I will call my own. I am enjoying the 38° weather. I have wonderful friends and memories here - ones that have helped shape who I am today, for better and worse =)

But I realized how much more I love Alaska this week.
Home is where my heart is, but, pieces of my heart just seem to be all over the place. And that helps add to the knots in my stomach, because even when I try not to think about it, I still worry about how I'll choose where to stay.

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Whitney said...

I'm so glad that you got to spend time at home with people you love in an environment that is familiar and full of memories already made and those waiting to happen. Even though I've only spent a few moments with you since you've been home, I can see a difference. You're glowing again and it's such a wonderful thing to see.

Try not to worry too much though. I can already see it starting to dull that twinkle in your eyes a little more with each heavy sigh.

I love you so much and I missed you terribly while you were gone. So even if it's only for a little while, I'm loving that you're back.

No matter what you decide, we are gonna make the most of these next few month, eh?