Tuesday, February 03, 2009

1. I love quotes; some people just know how to say it better than I do. And usually I don’t have a whole lot to say…unless I’ve thought through the conversation multiple times in my head. That seems to get me in trouble though because I get all worked up and then details that are clear in my head get missed in conversation and confuse the other parties.
2. Middle school students light up my life; they are brilliant, caring, emotional, confused, hilarious, and curious.
3. I have accumulated a number of middle names such as "trouble" and "crazy" ... there are too many stories to explain here though.
4. Alaska is in my blood; the air, the mountains, the trees, the ocean, the people, the Northern Lights... I can’t get enough! By the way, yes, I know how to pump my own gas, and yes I get paid to live in Alaska. =)
5. I watch T.V. to escape reality and unwind. T.V. online feeds my addiction to Grey’s Anatomy, One Tree Hill, The Bachelor, Brothers and Sister, Lost, Private Practice, ER, The Office, Heroes and Friday Night Lights…. Oh man, I think I may have a problem =).
6. Life wouldn't be complete without wine, chocolate, cheese, bread, a good book, and mixes of music from Whitney.
7. I loathe packing… I like the traveling, but packing always brings to light my “pack-rat” tendencies… I like to think I just collect mementos… but really I have issues throwing things away.
8. I want to travel! My iGoogle home page has a "Places to See” box, and every time I open the page a new place beckons me. Outside of the US I've been to Cuba, Jamaica, Canada, and Mexico- after graduation I'm heading to Ecuador.
9. For as much of a goofball as I am, I'm terrified of letting the people in my life down.
10. I want to get married barefoot on a beach, have twins, and live happily-ever-after. (what? A girl can still dream!)
11. I like fire... in the form of fireplaces, candles, and campfires.
12. I still miss Grandma Gail... I wish we'd been able to get pedicures at graduation.
13. I eat graham crackers by the package and dry cereal out of the box.
14 I love adventures; days with no goal in mind, just hit the road running, explore to the heart's content.
15. My iPod is attached to my hip, not my cellphone; I tend to forget my cellphone at home more than my iPod... and if I didn’t forget my cellphone I’ve forgotten that it’s on silent, thus I miss text messages and phone calls frequently.
16. I'm an addict; chapstick, sleep, Hallmark, tea, new white socks, iTunes, photographs, snowglobes, long walks, handbags, shoes, music, blogging... ok I'll stop.
17. When I smile, it's more often than naught because I'm thinking of you.
18. I like sweatshirts and puffy-vests because it's like getting a hug all day long, plus my hands are always cold so those extra layers are much appreciated.
19. My Grandpa calls me "angel butt" because I used to wear sweats that said "angel" across the butt.
20. I’m proud of my friends. They are each doing something different, unique to them, and amazing. They are each making a difference. They are brave. They are each making the world a better place.
21. I love being independent…but I hate being alone. Senior year Bethany and I slept in my twin-bunk for ¾ of the year and it ruined me in the best way possible.
22. I’m not afraid to admit that I am a HUGE fan of both the Harry Potter and the Twilight series. I’m not in love with any of the characters; I’m in love with the authors’ imagination.
23. I’ve been on Space Mountain while a little tipsy… incredible =)
24. I kidnapped my best friend in high school and her parents beat us back to my house… Im pretty sure the video of that adventure is floating around.
25. I love driving. I started off in an ’84 Oldsmobile (‘baby’) that could be turned on and moved with no key in the ignition – it was decorated with that pink-fuzzy angel stuff that was popular in high school. Now I drive a ’98 Taurus-wagon (‘stutter’ or ‘mom-mobile’) that is never de-fogged and only the passenger speakers work. The device doesn’t matter so much as long as I can get between point A and B with some tunes in between.

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Whitney said...

I <3 you.

You inspire my musical craftiness, for sure. Remember your rainbow? That's where it all started. ;)