Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Aside from the moments of miscommunication, I bet we rarely think about the importance of being able to communicate. In fact, I´d go so far as to say we take it for granted. Then again, that could just be my opinion =)
I´m tired for a number of reasons since arriving at Quito; 14 hours of traveling, 3 time zones, 10,000 ft elevation, new eating patterns, differnt menu... But the greatest reason is because I´ve had to use my head so much!
That comment may make you smirk - but it´s so true! I have to listen to this foreign language, pick out the words that sound familiar, figure out what it means in English, establish context, and then respond - in a matter of seconds. It gives me a headache =) And although all the forms, tenses etc. are overwhelming, they are also exciting. There is a need for me to learn, a pupose behind the understanding, a goal => survival. Spanish is no longer a requirement for graduation or a course, it is a want, a desire, a need.
This is how I want to present my subject material in my classroom. I want students to feel the desire, see the need, feed the ´want´to learn. This understanding of relevance- is what leads to success. This trip isnt just about the cross'cultural experienc. It{s about being vulnerable and voicing the ´I don´t undersands´, it´s about remembering that we´re both the student and the expert, it´s about connecting vacation, and passion, and lerning. It´s about not being afraid- breaking down barriers, communicating with our hands, and our words, and our actions, and our body language.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your updates! I love hearing about the trip through your eyes. I am praying for you. What an experience!
Judy D