Monday, February 15, 2010

My wedding is beginning to feel like a major inconvenience...

I have no idea if this is a normal feeling, or if everything for my big day is just bound to go wrong.

From the eyes of the "people pleaser" it's feeling like one swift kick after another... they'll be gone fishing - change your date. they'll be in Guatemala - postpone any plans. they have to work - so it's a long weekend trip because we can't actually get time off for your wedding. they want to personally get engaged - so they can't make it to the best friend's wedding. their daughter is getting married this summer - so they have to plan around my wedding. they'll be gone all summer - so they can't participate. I want to leave - but you'll kill me if I'm not here for your wedding.

Of course there's more - but I feel like a jerk complaining about this.
So I'm sorry that I fell in love outside of your time frame.
I'm sorry that my plans interfere with your schedule.
And I'm sorry that my wedding is a big inconvenience for you.
For once in my life I feel like it might be alright to pay a little more attention to myself, than how you feel... but that sure seems to be backfiring!

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Meaghan said...

I'm not sure if this will comfort you, but I remember going through the exact conversations with myself. And then one day, I just told myself that this was our day and God would bring everyone who He wants there to support us. I never found a way to please everyone with the date, but looking back it was our perfect day that we shared with people who love us!

Thinking of you during this challenging, but worth it time!