Thursday, February 08, 2007

Thanks for the smile...

I walked up the canyon road towards Cara's house and a very funny sight greeted me.

Abbott, Newbs, and another guy I don't know, were pushing Drew Richardson's car down the road when all of the sudden it burst to life... guess it needed a little jump start! It was pretty hilarious. Abbott and Newbs started cheering and jumping up and down. Drew came back and hopped out of his car and proceeded to pick up Abbott and twirl him around and around- he didn't attempt that with Newbs. I laughed as I walked past them and Newbs asked if that did it for me- men pushing cars- all I could do was laugh and shake my head.

Moments like that make me glad that the world continues on.

1 comment:

me said...

you are beautfiul.

i saw you today, and was know...not for the first time or anything...

but you are beautfiul. inside and out. your tears and your smiles and i'm lucky to have you in my life.
thanks roommate.
hugs hugs hugs.