Wednesday, November 14, 2007


As we all sat in front of Sarah's fireplace for Bible study, I was struck with the realization that I am truly blessed. I'm fully unsure of why me, but I'm all-together grateful too.
Some people believe they have the truth. Some people have versions of the truth. But I know I have truth. Jesus is the way. the truth. the life. And so many people have bought into the beautiful, deceiving, lies of the Devil. And it makes me very mad.

The human race is being fed lies and we aren't even questioning them. Satan is spoon-feeding us death and we don't even notice. Isn't it time we stood up?! Proclaimed the truth?! Set the record straight?! Do you even care?!

It breaks my heart that there are parents who would rather play their computer games and smoke than clean their house so it doesn't smell like smoke and urine or drive their kids to Bible study and youth group. It breaks my heart that parents go to bed even though their middle schooler is still out. It breaks my heart that parents are too busy to care that their kids are playing with Ouija boards and watching trash on tv that fills their heads with things they decide are real and true.

I know that there is hope. The kids ask questions. They come to Bible study and youth group. But it's so overwhelming. I'll drive a thousand hours in snowstorms, on the icy roads, across town, late at night, if it means that I get to have that extra conversation with them, a few more precious moments to deepen our relationship, and to see them quietly sleep against my car seat.

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