Sunday, November 11, 2007


Winter is officially here. It's my favorite time of year. The snow is magical. Cold toes, cold fingers, cold noses. The icy roads make the cars slip and slide - but it turns parking lots into icerinks.

There was a smile and a wink from accross the auditorium.
The first snowball fight of the season.
He held my hand and danced with me in the snow.
I caught snowflakes on my tongue.
Blinked the ones on my eyelashes away.
Hot coco on the couch,
and Colbie Caillat seranading us with her sweet voice.

The unrelenting snow keeps falling. It forces us to stop and slow life down just a little. And if we insist on zipping around the corner or up the hill to save a little time, we'll end up even farther behind schedule when we find ourselves spun out or in the ditch.

The snow.
The holidays.
The reminder of friends.
Of family.
My most favorite time of year.
My most favorite place on earth.

1 comment:

alicat said...

utterly magical.

are there marshmallows in that hot cocoa of yours? =)

love love love you!

ps. cocoa has an 'a' on the end, unless of course we're talking about colbie's cd or rhyming with someone's last name. =)