Tuesday, February 26, 2008

it was a good Tuesday.
The sun's been out, so I didn't have to use my car heater! Yes! Saved on gas! Yes! The fire alarm went off during PE, but the young lady I sent to the office on Tuesday (last week) found me and told me she was sorry - I wanted to give her a hug. It was friends and family day at Trendsetters, so I went and saw Loraynne and she treated my poor hair, for FREE! She was mortified at how much hair kept falling out - she didn't believe it was normal =). Mom and I are making steak and potatoes for dinner! I get to sub at Heritage the last two days of the week, stay with the Kaplan clan over the weekend, and Friday night I have a Partylite show and 90 people have been invited - and told to bring friends! All I'm imagining is the house right now - I'm so excited! Mom's new computer arrived today, so after dinner we're going to play with it! Aside from that I have a list of calls I need to make tonight - but I don't have to go to work - and I'm so excited!

Happy Tuesday!

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