Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Some write what they cannot say. –Haley James Scott

Your first love, may fade over time but I promise you, it’ll never go away.
A smile for each passing memory, of the good times and the ones filled with pain.
The mountains almost touch the heavens, snow capped, covered with wild grasses and blooming flowers.
The rivers flow through the valleys and down the hills, teaming with fish and the occasional raft.
Deciduous and coniferous trees shelter the wild animals and surround the lakes.
Magical light shows reflect off the frozen white into the icy air.
The sun seems to never set. We come alive.
It feels like just yesterday I was coming back. And yet it is time to say goodbye again.
Goodbye to a place that holds twenty-four years of memories. Not something that can easily be let go of.

I remember the first movie I watched in a Theater.
I remember my brother being born.
I remember learning to read at our kitchen table.
I remember practicing 911 calls with Mrs. Holt.
I remember bike rides with Dad to Dearmoun.
I remember the sandbox being built.
I remember playing Barbi with Charissa.
I remember watching Wizard of Oz with the twins.
I remember riding snowmachines and four-wheelers with Travis next door.
I remember grandparents pulling up to our house in their motorhomes.
I remember the smell of Grandma and Pa’s house – after cleaning it with our Rainbow.
I remember road trips.
I remember getting locked in the school parking lot.
I remember walking across the stage at graduation.
I remember my first kiss.
I remember my first broken heart.
I remember my first day of school.
I remember my first All Nighter with SQUAD.
I remember cruising in my Dad’s black low-rider.
I remember where I was when Dad told me Grandma died.
I remember slumber parties and pool parties.
I remember drinking a 40 with Lindsay and getting sick.
I remember laughter at summer camp as secrets were exposed.
I remember tears at small group as we let down our walls.
I remember pranks at The Alaska Club.
I remember singing with Candis while we did prep. at Subway.
I remember hot chocolate and hot dogs at Hilltop.
I remember falling asleep in Janelle’s lap when I was sick.
I remember when Joe Kearns died.
I remember when I wasn’t quiet in class and chalk flew through the air at me.
I remember when the Twin Towers were hit.
I remember when Princess Diana was killed.
I remember saying “But[,t] fun” without the comma in English class.
I remember running to school senior skipday.

I remember more. More things. Twenty-four years of things that took place in this place I’ve called home. Maybe I won’t always call this place home. But my love and appreciation of it will never go away. I may find myself and my life in another place one day, but my heart will always beat here in Alaska.

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