Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Are you kidding me?!


I just re-read the email... it's for reals. 

So - I "have" a job at a private high school; not totally teaching my content area, but a class or two and maybe some English or Math... rough way to start out my teaching career - but in light of the "current economic status" I will graciously and thankfully accept the position since it means a paycheck  for now.
But- there is a public middle school position potentially opening up. I sent the principal a really nice cover letter and resume this week; expressing my passion for middle school students, the great importance of continuing the FACS program at her school, the awesomeness of my background aligning with their current curriculum... but the job isn't posted yet and there's a possibility they'll transfer a current teacher from another school to fill this position.

I received an email from the high school principal today - saying that they would like to finish their class schedule for next year, but needed to wait on me to do that - since I hadn't confirmed that I would work for them... That's not at all scary huh?!

I know God is in control - He sees what the future holds and He takes care of the details... but it would sure be nice to have the patience and peace to wait this one out... I feel like there's a fire under my butt to decide what to do and I don't like the heat... So I'm choosing to not think about it =) I'll just keep praying for directions and let the river carry me along. 

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dani-yelli. said...

you're amazing.
i am SOOO proud of you.
i'm praying hard.
i love you.