Saturday, April 11, 2009

There are many times that I feel like a reed, growing in the middle of a body of water, that gets blown in every direction. The breezes that cause my movement are the voices that speak into my life. A conversation here, a question there, a text message, a song, something I read, all move me like the wind.
Sometimes they all get going at once and I feel stuck in the middle of a storm. I respond emotionally to the strongest voice at that point. When the storm calms new perspective comes and I am faced with my response. 
I try to be a person of my word, because I get so disappointed in people when they take back something they have said... In the same token, I think that I am very critical of myself on this topic which makes me hyper-aware and trustful of what people say.
I've got to stop trying so hard. I've got to stop listening to all the different voices in my life. I've got to stop worrying so much. I've got to let go. I've got to start relying more on the deep roots I have developed. I've got to learn how to recognize Him and tune out the rest. I've got to trust, that each and every detail - small and large - are seen, and accounted for by Him.

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Sarah said...

Beautiful post, girl.