Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ok... I'm a little hesitant to admit this... but I'm starting to enjoy science... Teaching it is still quite the stretching experience, but it is starting to get exciting as we begin to move from the introduction chapters and dig deeper into the specific branches of science. I'm not just a dork, I'm becoming a science nerd!

So I have to also admit, that despite the extremely long and draining last week and a half, there's no where else I wish to be. My students are ridiculous and adorable and I love them despite some of their rather annoying habits. And there is something brilliantly satisfying about being able to tell people that I'm a secondary science teacher.

Day One- I was admonished lovingly by my old coach and teacher and now fellow faculty member to;
Be a:
Leader 1st, Friend 2nd
To have:
F(ellowship)- with parents, students, and faculty.
U(nselfish)- with time and life.
N(ever give up)- on yourself or your students.
And to:
Never stop being excellent- what I do in in the classroom impacts for Eternity.

Day Two- I was encouraged by Coach Z and Mrs. Chittendon's familiar voices (both previous teachers of mine), to BE BLESSED, to trust that God will fill in any details.

And then... the days began to blur together with sleepless nights, last minute copies, mugs of coffee, hugs, volleyball practice, laughter, moments of humanness when I realized I didn't remember where we were or what class I was supposed to be teaching.

But, in His still small voice, I remember that it is His strength that makes up for my weakness, it is His grace that makes me enough, it is His provision that gets me through the day. And it is in those moments of remembrance that I realize no matter who is in my life or what is going on in my life, I will always choose Him first. My best efforts, my best days still fall short. I cannot make it a moment without Him. The tears will come, and they may come often - but they will eventually dry and my nose will unstuff, and together we'll get up and try again.

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