Friday, July 27, 2012

Curse Free Zone

Today's project was inspired by my hubby's coworkers.

My hubby is in the military and he has a lot of great coworkers. But most of them have what I call a "potty mouth" and that type of language is highly DISCOURAGED in our house. ESPECIALLY with a 15 month old who is picking up on EVERYTHING.

A couple weeks ago my hubby had some buddies over for poker, an event I'm used to spending with my family members. I was shocked at the foulness of "everyday" conversation and decided I had to do something, it is my house after all!

Tomorrow we have our 2nd poker-get-together and I've been busy with other projects and haven't been able to work on the FULL project for our "curse free zone" but I completed the first part, a part that the hubby actually suggested, and I love how it turned out - hopefully it sends a message tomorrow so that I don't have to *wink*

Side note, this is my new favorite snack... the "adult" cinnamon toast crunch... just saying... it got me through my crafting today! =)

Okay, sorry, back on topic. Here is my Curse Free Zone Jar! So, like I mentioned, this is just the first part of the whole project, there will be another blog at another time. But the hubby suggested having a jar at the poker table so that if someone "slipped" they could collect $$$ to penalize. Sounded great to me! They can fund the rest of the project! I hope we don't collect any money! =) (ha)
So, I started off at Hobby Lobby (it'd been a while, I admit I wandered a bit just to wander). Then I found a template online and adjust the size and inserted quotes and Bible verses in Adobe Illustrator (omg. I love Illustrator. I only have a trial right now - but I might have to break down and buy it because of all the fun projects I keep seeing on Pinterest that I want to do...) and printed off my page.

So the first time I did this I didn't measure my labels and they overlapped when I mod podged them and I thought it looked tacky. So I pulled them off before they dried and started over.
I didn't want to make it too "girly" but black and white was a little boring - so I outlined the labels with colored pencil. Then I put a layer of mod podge on the back and stuck the labels where I wanted them on my jar and after everything was in place, did a coat of mod podge to seal everything together. I love how it turned out!


I wonder if I'll be making any more of these... I love the idea of suds and a washtub for in the laundry room - there always seems to be loose change in the washer and dryer after I wash the hubby's uniform. I should totally do a rainy day jar =)

What jar do you need in your home?! I'd love to hear your ideas! Happy Crafting!

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